Air-Bearing Single-Stage Compressor Agent Band: Korea Namwon

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• Air foil bearing: non-contact bearing that uses the compressed force by the wedge effect of the surrounding air of the shaft rotating at high speed to support the load of the rotor no use of lubricant semi-permanent life. High-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor(pmsm): turbo one pm motor minimizes high frequency losses based on design for high-speed rotation to realize a 98% efficient speed motor.

• Energy-saving & energy-reduction (up to 45%): high-efficient design in the compression part & application of high-efficient motors, comprehensive efficiency is 65% or higher, and the certificate of high efficiency energy using appliance acquired from Korea energy management corporation.Low-noise, no-vibration& long lifespan: low noise(75-80db-@1m or lower) due to the application of direct connection to air bearing (no contact among devices), no need for sound-proof facilities.Special and perfect discharge compressed air and BOV silencer design settings.


ModelTraffic(m³/min)Pressure(mmAq)Shaft power(HP)Export caliber(A)DimensionWeight (Kg)
TB20-0.713700020150700 1200 1100600
TB30-0.818800030150700 1200 1000600
TB50-0.829800050150700 1200 1000600
TB75-0.844800075200850 1400 1400720
TB100-0.8578000100200850 1400 1400750
TB120-0.8708000120200850 1400 1400750
TB150-0.8888000150300900 1750 1650950
TB200-0.81148000200300900 1750 16501000
TB250-0.81148000250300900 1750 16501000
TB300-0.817680003004001200 2200 20001300
TB400-0.822880004004001800 2500 19101500