JED Series Single-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

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• Complete ETI technology for a full package of whole equipment design,manufacture and testing; Highly efficient three-dimensional flow unshrouded impeller,professional aerodynamic design and structural design for optimum aerodynamic characteristics, resulting in the impeller of over 92%. Optional means of regulation including inlet guide vane regulation, variable frequency regulation, etc., achieving maximum range of regulation and maximum energy efficiency;Optional impeller materials including titanium alloy, stainless steel, casing can cast or welded by stainless steel, meeting rigorous requirement for strength and corrosive resistance.

• Dedicated gear pair design and precision manufacturing, assembled with top-quality tilt pad and cylindrical pad bearings into horizontal split step-up gear box, leading to higher-stability of high-speed operation, lower vibration, and easier assembling/disassembling and maintenance; Integrated compact structural design, impeller suspended and mounted onto the high-speed shaft of step-up gearbox and sharing the same base with electric motor, with the base serving as lubricating oil station as well.


ModelFlow (M'/min)Pressure rise (KPa)Pressure ratio (£)Power (kw)DimensionWeight (Kg)
JED3600-900060-20030-2001.3-345-5602600 13001500 -4000
JED12000-18000200-40030-1801.3-2.8132-12002600 14001600 ~5500
JED24000-36000400-80030-1601.3-2.6300-22403600  18002200 -7500
JED48000800-100030-1601.3-2.6560-25004500  22008000
JED600001000-200030-1201.3-2.2710-25005000 2200 230010000
JED1200002000-240030-1201.3-2.21400-32006500 3500 320015000
JED1440002400-300030-1001.3-2.01600-56007000 3500 400018000