JEV-L Series Low Speed Centrifugal Vapor Compressor

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• Complete ETI technology, independent R&D, design &manufacture customized vapor compressor; Use highly efficient aerodynamic design, greatly improve the energy utilization ratio of the whole system, made the overall efficiency reach over 88%; Circular velocity of the impeller reaches up to 300m/s. 

• Use independently developed squeeze film damper bearing, significantly decreased the amplitude of the rotor under critical speed of rotation;Low wear floating carbon ring shaft sealing, ensure reliability;Multiple operation available, to obtain higher temperature rise.


ModelInlet flow(kg/h)Pressure rise(℃)Note
JEV-L10000~60000≤9Take the inlet temperature of 60℃ as an example
15000~250000≤9Take the inlet temperature of 100℃ as an example