F Series Single Suction Centrifugal Fan

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Single-Suction Rotor - Double-Supported with Direct Coupling

This construction will be used for fans with rotor diameter between 1,000 mm and 3000 mm under single suction.

The rotor has the support of two bearings, whereas these bearings are on opposite sides in relation to the rotor, i.e., support of the double-supported type or central rotor (Center Hung).

Two kinds base arrangement will be used.

1. Provide the equipment with a metal base which will allow customer to build a flat concrete base (with neither housing fittings nor bearing overhangs).The equipment will be supplied fully assembled on its metal base.

2. a concrete base for each part fixed by foundation bolts. the equipment will be assembled on site


Model No.Special designFoundation arrangementSteel structure
Motor Power110KW~ 8000KW or largerConcrete foundation with anchoring bolts
Driven typeDirect by couplingOption accessoriesFilter , silencer, expansion joints,
Impeller sizeUp to 4000mminlet/outlet damper,
DimensionSpecial designPneumatic /electric actuator,
FlowUp to 1500,000 m3/hMonitoring instruments for the Bearings
PressureUp to 30,000PaMaterialCarbon steel / Stainless steel
Gas Temp.-20~500Cooling typeAir/water
SpeedUp to 3600RPMSeals typeLabyrinth / Carbon ring/ N2 sealing
Frequency50/60HzHS code841459