The carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions become the international hot news, environmental protection and the reduction of emissions are growing importance for human society. JTL provides the life time cycle products which focus on the environmentally friendly solutions. From the designing to the end users, JTL applies CFD and FEA technologies to simulate operation conditions, tailor the design perfectly in advance to the suit the requirements and determine the potential for optimizing renewable energy products, for example, steam turbines for waste energy recovery, turbo compressors for energy storage, hydrogen compressors for the fuel batteries. JTL is investing on the hydrogen compression solutions which will be widely used in the trucks which is powered by hydrogen fuel.

The Main products supplied to environmental protection applications as below:

JE series high-efficiency centrifugal air compress for waste water treatment

JED series single-stage high speed centrifugal blower

JEV-L series low speed centrifugal vapor compressor

JEV series centrifugal vapor compressor

De-dusting centrifugal fans

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