Angle Tube Boiler

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• Angle tube boiler:

The angle tube boiler technology is a coal-fired chain boiler technology introduced by the Warren Company in Denmark in the 1980s. After decades of practice, optimization and innovation, the company has formed the technology of the series of angle tube steam boilers and angle tube hot water boilers. At present, the capacity of the company's angle tube steam boiler has increased from 10 t / h to 130 t / h, and the thermal power of the hot water boiler has also been expanded from 7 MW to 116 MW, and was rated as "Shanghai Energy Saving Products" by the Shanghai Energy Conservation Products Review Committee. "title. Angle tube boiler products have been distributed all over the country.

• Boiler features:

a. The four corners of the tubular boiler are large-diameter thick-walled downcomers and steam drums, water-cooled walls, headers, flag-shaped heating surfaces, and reinforced beams. No steel frame structure, good shock resistance.

b. The fully enclosed membrane water wall is used around the furnace and the heating surface. The furnace has a large cross-sectional area, large volume, and small loss of q3 and q4.

c. The grate of the angle tube boiler adopts the equal pressure structure of the large wind chamber, and provides the precise air distribution of the small damper, which is beneficial to the combustion and burning of the coal. The design angle of the angle tube grate is 45°. The grate structure can greatly Reduced coal loss and low q4 loss.

d. The boiler adopts all-light insulation furnace wall, which has good insulation performance, small loss of q5 and beautiful appearance.

e. The boiler has a small air leakage coefficient and high thermal efficiency.


Boiler type: DHL DZL
Boiler capacity:
Steam oven:10-130t/hWater heater:7-116MW
Boiler parameters:
Pressure:1.0-5.4MPaTemperature:184-485 °C
Pressure:1.0-1.6MPaTemperature:95-150 ° C
Boiler fuel:coal, biomass