JTL is leading supplier for heavy-duty industrial fans applied in iron and steel factories.

For the various applications in the steel and iron production process, JTL supplies full range of centrifugal fans and blowers:

•  Furnace Hot Gas Fans:

   The fans used to carry the hot gases from the furnace are designed in accordance with the high furnace temperatures and high wear values.

•  Dedusting System Fans

   These are the fans used in the dedusting systems requiring high flow rate and pressure capacities, and have blade designs with a high static efficiency

•  Sinter and Pellet System Fans

   These are special purpose fans designed to work in very wide pressure and flow ranges with the  purpose of reducing the temperature of the sinter area. They are high temperature fans, resistant to high abrasion values of the sinter and provided with wear-resistant measures.

•  Coke Gas Fans

   These are high-pressure fans. Due to the necessity of moving the gases to long distances, body strengths of these fans are high, and they have a special sealing design to ensure the tightness of the poisonous carbon monoxide contained in the carried gas

•  Pressure Booster Fans for Steel Mill Gas

   This is a high-pressure medium-temperature fan used to pressurize the mixture of a blast furnace gas and oxygen gas

  Combustion fan

   A combustion fan pushes air at the right temperature and pressure into the chamber to ensure combustion in thermal power plant. JTL’s combustion fan provides air at the right temperature and pressure to ensure maximum combustion. The combustion air fans are in general rotation speed controlled and the fans are equipped with tight shaft seal and oil bath bearing.

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