Congratulations On The Contract Of Jtl Technology, Green Smile And Donghua University, Jiaxing Furuibang New Material
Release timeMay 06/2020Views125

JTL Technology (hereinafter referred to as JTL) and subsidiary company Jiangsu Green Smile Power Storage Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Green Smile) signed application of photooxidation sterilization and disinfection nanofiber membrane in ventilating AC decontamination field with Donghua University and Jiaxing Furuibang New Material Co., Ltd.

The contract defines the development and perfection of photooxidation sterilization and disinfection nanofiber membrane patent, led by academician Jianyong Yu from Donghua University and the Changjiang Scholar expert Dr Bin Ding. The outcomes of the cooperation are high-efficiency sterilization of ventilating AC systems in public areas including hospitals, offices and schools, air purifiers and decontamination units, with antiviral activity rate and sterilization rate over 99.9%. The contract also permits JTL and Green Smile, as the exclusive distribution of marketing channel(not limited by cooperation agreement validity), to expand and promote the new material( photooxidation sterilization and disinfection nanofiber membrane) in ventilator, AC and purification fields in the medical and commercial use.

The success of the contract relies on the effort of everyone in the project team. Hereby JTL Group sends its gratitude to those involved in the project and wishes for the early accomplishment of the technology. Meanwhile, we wish the market promotion a huge success.