Congratulations On The Successful Operation Of 80 MW Generating Unit Of Vanadium Titanium Technology
Release timeJul 29/2020Views86

On the morning of July 28th, the Chairman of Chuanwei Group announced the successful operation of Chengdu-Chongqing Vanadium-titanium 80MW ultra-high pressure reheat unit, which was invested by Jintongling and built by Shanghai Win-Energy.  Partners from all sides were present to express their congratulations.

Shanghai Win-Energy Technology Co., Ltd signed a general contract of "80MW Generating Unit Energy Efficiency Improvement Project" with Neijiang Xingming Energy Co.,Ltd. The project is in line with the national industrial policy. It is a green environmental protection construction project to achieve circular economy and sustainable development. Through the implementation of the project, it can not only burn off excess gas, make full use of secondary energy, but also solve the environmental pollution caused by the release of gas from the owner. At the same time, it can eliminate backward generators, improve energy efficiency, reduce power purchase and reduce cost.

The project was started in May 2019 with piling and construction in June. On June 20, the installation and construction began. During this period, the project team members overcame the construction difficulties caused by the rainy season, high temperature and complex geological environment. The company worked together to overcome the difficulties and ensure the quality of the project. At the same time, they made every effort to promote the construction speed of the project. By the end of the Spring Festival in 2020, the boiler water pressure was completed, the electrical cabinet was in place, and the steam turbine had the conditions of buckle cylinder.

In February 2020, it was the most serious stage of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, and the national epidemic was still in the state of first level response. In order to advance the project implementation progress and ensure the grid-connected power generation at the end of July, the project team of the company did a good job of epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with relevant regulations. At the end of March, the whole project advancement was restored to the working state before the epidemic. The number of construction workers on site reached 300.

Since the resumption of work in 2020, the company has attached great importance to it and assigned Wang Xuhui, general manager of the engineering company, to be based on site to supervise the progress and solve the problems occurring on site. With the joint efforts of all personnel, the commissioning stage started at the end of May, and the dynamic commissioning of boilers such as acid cleaning, oven drying and tube blowing was completed in June, and the dynamic commissioning of turbines and generators was completed in early July, with grid-connected power generation conditions.

We are grateful for the support and hard work of our company and all sectors. Once again, congratulations on the smooth commissioning of the Vanadium Titanium Technology 80MW generating unit!