Jintongling-Shanghai Huayi 75T Gas Boiler Renovation Project Successfully
Release timeNov 24/2020Views73

In 2015, Shanghai Industrial Boiler ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Jintongling Holding Company, transformed a medium-temperature medium-pressure circulating fluidized bed coal-fired boiler in Shanghai Huayi Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. into a 75 t / h medium-temperature medium-pressure gas boiler. As a backup boiler, the gas boiler has been playing a stable role.

Shanghai Industrial Boiler ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd was invited by the owner to participate in the renovation tender again in 2020. Based on the site survey and communication with boiler operators, the technical staff submitted a detailed renovation plan considering the complexity of fuel gas composition, Shanghai Huayi approved the renovation plan.

After 3 months, with the cooperation of all departments and strong support from Shanghai Win-Energy Design Institute, the transformation work was all completed on November 23, 2020, and the boiler commissioning and ignition work was completed. After testing by professional testing institutions, the boiler runs stably under all working conditions, the parameters meet the design requirements, and the exhaust gas emission meet the Shanghai emission standards. Shanghai Huayi is satisfied with this transformation.