Thailand's AVA Industrial Waste Incineration Power Officially Passed COD Test
Release timeJun 15/2020Views77

The 4MW AVA industrial waste incineration power generation project in Thailand is the first RDF power generation project of JTL, which is constructed by Shanghai Win-Energy Technology Co.,Ltd —  a subsidiary of Jintongling Holdings.The project uses advanced hybrid grate technology and the waste heat boiler has been carefully designed for the characteristics of RDF fuel.The project team led by Chen Wendong and Liu Shaning overcame the difficulties of high temperature, hot summer and torrential rain, such as the overall lifting of the grate, the on-site splicing of the water-cooled wall and the expansion joint between the grate, the optimization and improvement of the grate moving parts. In order to control the combustion strategy of RDF fuel with variable calorific value, high volatile content, easy coking and other problems, the company worked hard with manufacturers and owners to complete the installation, commissioning and trial operation of the whole project, on December 15 smoothly connected to the grid, and on December 24 passed the strict assessment of COD (commercial operation) of the local power department in Thailand, and officially entered into commercial operation.

The successful operation of this project has accumulated valuable experience in the field of waste incineration power generation for Shanghai Win-Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Against the backdrop of the gradual expansion of waste separation in China today, new technological directions have been developed, laying a solid foundation for the company's future project development.