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Centrifugal Fan

The company and Xi’an Jiaotong University have worked hard to develop the product. The product has a wide efficient area, high accuracy, and strong aerodynamic performance. It effectively responds to various special requirements such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of various operating conditions. The technical level of fan products has reached the domestic first-class level.

Air Compressor

Through the introduction of ETI technology from the United States, an independent complete set of machine design, manufacturing and testing has been realized. The high-efficiency aerodynamic design makes the impeller efficiency reach more than 92%. The self-developed PLC control system can realize one-key start, and ensure the safe operation of the unit through interlock protection, surge protection and other functions, and realize the optimal matching of unit energy consumption and system working conditions.

Steam Turbine

Introduce the advanced technology of the American "Thousand Talents Plan", adopt the world-class steam turbine design technology, tailor-made for small and medium-sized generator sets, adopt full viscous three-dimensional flow and unique structural design, which reduces the various losses of the steam turbine. The internal efficiency is improved, and the thermal cycle efficiency is higher than that of traditional steam turbines, and it is suitable for applications such as solar thermal power generation and waste power generation with frequent startup and large load changes.

Slurry Ice Unit

The slurry ice supplied by the ice maker unit is sludgy liquid ice with tiny needle-like or scale-like ice crystals, It has both the characteristics of ice and fluid, and is a new phase change carrier coolant. It has the advantages of high densityof cold storage, good fluidity, strong heat transfer performance, fast melting ice cooling speed, strong responsivenessto load changes, and can maintain a stable water supply temperature.

Industrial Boiler

Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai Industrial Boiler Factory) was founded in 1931 and has a development history of nearly 80 years. It is a backbone enterprise in China's mechanical and electronic industry, and a national large-scale second-grade enterprise. (ASME) standard certification certificate and authorized steel seal, a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of boiler products. Now it holds a Class A boiler manufacturing license and a D1, D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing license. Ability to design and manufacture boilers that meet Lloyd's Register specifications. As early as 1991, it passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. In recent years, it has passed ISO14000 environmental management system certification and OHSAS occupational health safety management system certification. The company's main products are oil-fired gas boilers, industrial pulverized coal boilers, biomass boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers and waste heat boilers in various industries with various parameters.