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Company Profile

Jintong Ling Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, with a registered capital of 148916.4214 million yuan, formerly known as Jiangsu Jin Tong Ling Fan Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Nantong, the company is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China. At present, the company has formed a compressor, blower, steam turbine, industrial boiler, energy storage equipment, emergency mobile power supply and other products manufacturing center, can meet the needs of a variety of customer groups.

Jintong spirit of adhering to the "people-oriented, honest and trustworthy The pursuit of excellence cooperation and win-win "concept, to become competitive energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, wisdom in the field of energy storage, such as high-end equipment manufacturing, system solutions and global supplier of project operation and management for the regions of the world's customers provide the best products and services.
Jintong Ling Technology Group Co., LTD. (Stock code 300091). Through constant technical innovation and introduction, at present, the company has formed the compressor, blower, steam turbines, industrial boiler, energy storage equipment, emergency mobile power and so on many kinds Product manufacturing center, and the products as the core to expand all kinds of power plant construction operation, construction of high pressure air station operation, the wind system integrated optimization, project total package, complete equipment, such as business, Products and services are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, petrochemical, sewage treatment, medicine, food fermentation, MVR, textile and chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, shipping and other fields, the company's business is not only in the thousands of leading domestic, but also exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and other countries and regions, well received by users.

Product introduction

1、The company's blower, compressor, steam turbine brand * Main positioning *

2、Economic environment: Application scenarios

3、Recruitment strategy

Recruitment strategy ( Agency advantage )

In ORDER TO OPEN UP THE MARKET OF BLOWER, COMPRESSOR AND STEAM TURBINE IN SOUTHEAST Asia AT THE FASTEST speed, JINTONG LING, with the goal of "building a CENTURIAL enterprise and creating a WORLD class", is now recruiting agents for Southeast Asian countries. As our first-level agent in the country, you can get our full support, including but not limited to the following:

1)Provide introduction manuals, promotional videos, and customer feedback FAQs for the products covered by Jintong Ling;

2)Invite agents to attend Jintongling Summit regularly and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on products;

3)To regularly optimize product performance statements as required by customers;

47)Successfully opened up a new customer channel, and the supply commission is permanently owned by the agent;

Recruitment strategy ( Agency conditions )

If you are interested in becoming our agent, you need to meet the following requirements;

1) Agree with the product, management concept and business model of Jintong Ling, and have sincere and long-term cooperation intention;

2) Familiar with local blower, compressor and steam turbine resources; [Need to know the application scenarios of blower, compressor and steam turbine]

3) Relatively free time, after training to understand the company's products and explain to customers clearly;

4) Promise not to carry out agency work across the authorized area, and not to sell the company's products at the price specified by the company at will, and not to disturb the market.

Let us hand in hand to grasp the best development opportunity, create a better future!