JTL supply and fit parts for many different makes of blower and air compressor. Our sophisticated machine tools enable us to manufacture various of impellers. These are produced from solid billets (of quality assured material) to ensure integrity of the blades during operation. The materials are carefully selected by our design engineers to meet the demands of the unique operating conditions of each machine. 

We can reproduce the profile of any blade section, making allowances for wear and damage. Component drawings can be automatically produced and the data transferred direct to the machine tools. We also manufacture the blades in-house. Our approach to the whole process significantly reduces manufacturing lead times and assures the quality of the finished component. 

The quality of our blading meets the highest standards – we believe it is second to none. This is achieved by state of the art machining, measurement and quality control techniques. 

The blading facility is backed up by a full fitting and balancing service to provide certification and meet safety and insurance requirements. Our field engineers can provide on-site reassembly and recommissioning to ensure safe and efficient operation of the machine..