Freeze Concentration/crystallization Series Unit

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The principle of freeze concentration is to condense the water in wastewater into ice crystals in the refrigeration system. Ice crystals in the formation process have natural exclusivity to produce pure solid state of water, thus purifying wastewater. This part of water can be reused to save water resources in factories. The volume of concentrated wastewater, which is separated from ice crystals, is greatly reduced. Different schemes for continuous reduction or third-party treatment can be determined according to the composition of concentrated wastewater.

• Low operating cost: the system only consumes power instead of steam.

• RThe power cost is only 1/5 to 1/7 of evaporation process.

• Non-scaling: the system covers relatively small space, saving land cost.

• Long equipment life: The freeze concentration unit is operated under low temperature, the corrosion is reduced to minimum, extending the equipment life span.

• Low noise:the system applies regular freeze compressor, creating low noise.

• High quality of recycled water and high quality of concentrated liquid: evaporation, freeze and membrane separation technology are only three applicable concentration methods. Evaporation is most commonly used. However, for heat sensitive and flavor sensitive product, both evaporation and membrane separation are constrained. Compared with other methods, freeze concentration technology best maintains liquid aroma and natural quality.   .