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JTL centrifugal fans have proven to be the reliable solutions for the cement plants, due to the modern cement production technology incorporated the harsh working conditions, JTL is capable of meeting the special requirements of the cement industry under the special circumstances by means of JTL’s optimized design and complete production facilities.

A full range fans made by JTL for cement plants:

Furnace ID (Induced Draft) Fans: These are critical process fans that are used at temperatures with the peak value as high as 500°C and that require the choice of materials accordingly, with specific selection and production methods. As the continuity is the primary concern in the system, the failure and interruption tolerance of these fans are low.

Raw Mill Fans: These are high pressure fans with special blade angles, for which measures against corrosion have been taken as the operating medium is a corrosive and adhesive powder.

Booster Fans: These fans have special panel and blade designs, for which measures against corrosion have been taken as they are used to transfer highly abrasive dusts with a high temperature from the cyclone located at the outlet of the clinker cooler unit.

Filter Fans: These are the fans used in de-dusting systems requiring high flow and pressure capabilities, with blade designs of high static efficiency.

Cement and Coal Mill Fans: These are single- suction or double-suction fans designed with a special suction hopper in order to increase the suction capacity.

Clinker Cooling Fans: These are designed to operate at very different pressure and temperature ranges, with the particular purpose of reducing clinker temperatures. They are high-temperature fans for which wear-resistant measures have been provided.

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Building Materials
Building Materials