Steam Turbine

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• Applying international advanced steam turbine design concept, adopting high-speed, high-efficiency, miniaturization, lightweight and modular design,compared with traditional steam turbine, it has higher thermal efficiency, more compact overall dimension, stronger maintainability and shorter production cycle.The capacity of units is from 200KW to 65MW.

• The controllable vortex plus full three-dimensional design technology is adopted to optimize the blade profile, improve the flow capacity ,reduce various losses and improve the internal efficiency of the unit;

• The integrally calcined rotor has good thermal stability and strong fatigue resistance.

• The high-speed design of the rotor reduces the diameter of the wheel circumference, reduces the weight of the rotor, and the unit can start and stop quickly, which is more suitable for occasions with frequent startup and large load change;

• Separate cylinder and reheat technology are adopted to increase cycle efficiency;

• Integral compact structural design, can be shipped as a whole, simple installation and short installation time.


Turbine TypePower Range (MW)Inlet steam pressure range(Mpa)Inlet steam temperature range(℃)Rotate speed (RPM)ReheatDrive mode
Direct driveGearbox drive
Split-centrifugal Vortex &Axial Type0.5~31~8.83180~5355500~9000___  ___
Mixed-Radial &Axial Type0.2~10.6~1.54~3003000~8000___  ___
Condensing Type6~653.43~13.5370~5353000~8200
Extraction Condensing Type6~653.43~10435~5353000~6000
Back Pressure Type3~403.43~13.24435~5355500~12000___  ___
Extraction Back Pressure Type6~253.43~13.24435~5355500~8700___  ___